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2010 - Company founder Rachel Hall won the Randall Family Big Idea Competition  for Best New Service Idea, a highly competitive business competition based out of University of Pittsburgh, beating out dozens of other innovations and ideas from across the community. Hall then launched the service using investor seed funding and resources garnered from the prestigious Innovation Institution based out of University of Pittsburgh's Katz School of Business.

2011 - The company provided notes, outlines and study guides to over three thousand students in over fifty courses at University of Pittsburgh. The company gained recognition from the regional community for being a top provider of high quality, professional educational materials.

The company received additional seed funding and resources from Idea Foundry, a competitive business incubator program based out of Carnegie Mellon University.

2012 - The company re-organized and began providing focused services to the schools and government agencies. The company assists clients throughout the United States to provide top accommodations to their schools and companies at competitive rates.

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