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Recorded Media Solutions! 

Our base rate is straightforward: $0.80/ minute of taped recording. Includes:

  •  One speaker and reasonably intelligible sound quality.
  • 48 hour turn around time. 
  • 99% accuracy guaranteed. 
  • Digital backup of files and unlimited repeated transmissions for up to 1 year.

General focus groups (discussion sessions of 2+ SPEAKERS): $1.00 / minute of taped recording. Includes:

  • Identification of participants by gender, male or female.
  • 48 hour turnaround time. 
  • 99% accuracy guaranteed. 
  • Perfect for government agencies, courtroom filings, or USCIS requirements. 
  • Digital backup of files and unlimited repeated transmissions for up to 1 year.

What else do I need to know?:

  • This charge is PER HOUR OF RECORDING transcribed, not per hour of our labor.
  • Files will be emailed to you, unless you request Fed-Ex or similar express delivery. Delivery service charges will be added.
  • We pro-rate our charges to the second of digital recording, and to the minute of analog tape recordings. This way you pay for only the transcription work you receive!
  • We are happy to provide you the most exact estimate possible, based on questions we ask about the complexity of the job, before we begin any work.​

Add-Ons to the Base Rate (remember, no hidden fees!):

  • Exact identification of more than 2 speakers: $0.25/minute
  • 6-12 hour service: $0.50/minute
  • Time coding at different speakers, at 30 second mark or 2 minute mark: $0.50/min
  • Poor voice intelligibility that requires numerous playbacks and sound enhancements: $0.50/min

What does Language Transcription cost?

When non-English translation is involved — to English or from English – we typically charge about two times the rate per hour of recording as English-to-English transcription (which is generally $0.80/minute of recording).  For example, transcribing Spanish to Spanish, with no translation involved, costs about double of what we charge for English-to-English transcription. 

  • Generally, our foreign language transcription is $1.60 - $2.00 / minute of recordings.
  • Major variables in cost are regional accents, background noise, and density of speech.
  • We can provide a 48 - 72 hour turnaround time on most foreign language recordings! 
  • 99% accuracy guaranteed!


Yes. But there may be an extra charge for cassette tapes, especially micro-cassettes, which tend to have poor sound.