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My RightNote

In Class Solution Options! 

We provide note taking services with exceptional quality at highly competitive prices. 

Recorded Note Taking:

  • We use your audio files to create fully searchable, editable class notes that are intended for studying and exam preparation! 

This is NOT transcription but uses highly trained, professional staff members to create a comprehensible product from your audio recordings that highlights the key information your students need to know! Includes instructor announcements, pedagogical highlights and an easy-to-read organizational arrangement!

​Live Note Taking:

Need a LIVE note taker to capture lecture information, blackboard equations and in-class work? We provide that too!

  • We hire, train, and supervise live note takers who can turn around highly professional work product that can be used for your students to prepare for exams! 

We take care of every step from recruiting and training the note takes to getting the work product into your students hands before the next class session!

What's Included in the base rate:

  • Turnaround time of 24 business hours or less.​
  • Digital backup of files and unlimited repeated emails for up to 1 year.

Do you provide notes in foreign languages?

Yes! We have provided note takers for a range of foreign language classes, including Spanish, German, French and Chinese!

Do you provide for specialty or technical classes?

Yes! We have provided note takers for computer science, engineering, pre-medical, biology, art, and physics courses. Our note takers provide copious notes of blackboard equations and solutions along with professor details!

Do you provide a more cost-effective method to live note taking?

Yes!  Please contact us to discuss these options.